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22-January-2018: Please be advised that the web page will now only provide continual updates for three (3) minutes and then will time out. This is to stop excessive daily hits to this web site. Unfortunately Drouin Weather can only have 200,000 hits a month and currently it's exceeding 600,00+ each month. If this continues this web site will be suspended by Drouin Weather hosting provider. I ask that you do not force this three (3) minute time-out by using auto refresh or grabber applications. If a person is found to not work with the Admin on this request I will be forced to ban the IP's that are offending. I really do not want to go down that path, so please help to keep this web page operational by complying with this request. Thank You Nigel

25-October-2015: If you are running IE (Internet Explorer) version 11 in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 you can put into the comparability view setting (Found in IE settings). This should fix the daylight pie chart issue. Windows 10 New EDGE (IE replacement) and IE seem to be ok.

01-August-2015: Have identified this issue to be a Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 issue. Previous versions seems to be ok. Windows 10 New EDGE also is ok.

11-July-2015: If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may have noticed that the sun image does not show any more. This only occurs in IE. This is currently being investigated.

11-July-2015: Faulty UV sensor now replaced with a new sensor. It's good to have UV readings again. At almost $500 each I hope this one lasts !!

05-July-2015: We have a sensor failure for UV readings. New sensor on order hopefully to arrive this coming week.

15-May-2014: We now have the BOM Rain Radar. This is selectable from the image on the main dashboard or via the menu.

BOM Rain Radar

30-Apr-2014: We have completed our migration to another hosting partner. The forecast modules are now working again.

18-Apr-2014: Due to an upgrade at one of our partner sites, the forecast modules are no longer working. This change by our partner requires particular software that our current hosting partner does not have. We are currently migrating to another hosting partner to allow the newer forecast information to be displayed. The migration is expected to take 5 working days and the forecasting modules should then resume.

16-Feb-2014: Added Aircraft and Ship Tracking.

10-Feb-2014: Yet another update. Added "Other Stations" which will show of a map other weather stations in graphical view around Victoria. When opened, it will centralised on Drouin. Like the radar map, you can zoom in/out. If you zoom out you can get a view of temperatures all over Australia, zoom further out to get a Global view. Again, like the radar map, you can move the map to show other states or countries. Hold down your left mouse button while over the map, then drag the map on the screen. You can then zoom in once you have found your state or country.

09-Feb-2014: Another update. Added Rain Radar covering Victoria. You can zoom in/out using the slide on the left of the map, and you can also move the map to show other states. Hold down your left mouse button while over the map and dragging the map on the screen.

01-Feb-2014: Added emergency fire/flood warning page. This is a link to the VicEmergency, a single all-emergencies website for Victorians. The purpose of this link is to assist local communities with a source of information providing critical information.

Dec-2013: Finally got to create this web page. Using the template by and the great looking dashboard by

The purpose of this site to provide local weather conditions for the West Gippslans area of Victoria. With Gippsland weather patterns differing from other Melbourne suburbs, I hope this site will provide the local community with local forecast and providing real-time weather conditions.

Nov-2013: Finally got to update the weather station to a new Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus. Thanks to my darling wife Sue for this great birthday present, and a special thanks to my wife for supporting me with this hobby. Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus

Davis weather stations are used in the professional and amateur arena. The Davis brand is regarded as one the best on the market and is known for it's great build quality and accuracy. One of the great features is the fan-aspirated radiation shield around the Temperature and Humidity sensors that protects against solar and other sources of radiated and reflected heat, improving accuracy.

The Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) is located 4 feet above the ground and the Anemometer 10mtrs above ground. The ISS contains sensors for: Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Solar Radiation, and Ultraviolet Light. The ISS is solar powered with battery backup and contains a wireless transmitter. The Anemometer is located 10 mtrs above the ground.

The Anemometer which is controlled by the ISS measures wind speed and direction. Numerous other measurements are collected utilizing various combinations of the sensors ex. Dewpoint, Windchill, etc.

The data collected by this Weather Station is shared with the public

Citizen Weather Observation Program - The Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) is a program to collect surface weather observations from thousands of privately operated weather stations around the globe. This station is affiliated with the Radio Amateur Service and this station ID: VK3GY-13

Weather Underground - A global weather service providing real-time weather information via the Internet.Weather Underground. This Station ID: IVICTORI218